A cloud-based production and broadcasting platform that enables high quality coverage of live events for a fraction of today's costs.

"Imagine covering and broadcasting a live event remotely from anywhere in the world without sending cameras, equipment or staff to the venue."

- Bill Rasmussen, Founder of ESPN

Full-Featured Live Production

Complete with graphics, video inserts and audio mixing

Broadcast Anywhere

Stream to the StriveCast App, YouTube, Facebook Live or any other service

Minimal Equipment And Infrastructure

An entire production truck in a backpack

Professional Quality Production at 1/10th the Cost!

Broadcasting Simplified

Easy to use iPad based production

Assisted production technology brings professional quality to DIY broadcasts

Graphics, overlays, commentary, scorecards and more..

Enabling The Contemporary Broadcasters

Increase Market Reach 10x

Drastically reduce production cost with fixed on site cameras

Increase Market Coverage

Access new local & hyper local markets

Grow and Engage Your Business

Highly scalable operational model, cover more events at more venues

An Entire Production Van in an iPad

90% of professional broadcasting quality for 10% of the cost

Produce for OTT(Over-The-Top) Mediums to increase reach

Stream like it's the 2016... whenever and wherever.

Schools & Clubs

Game day will never be the same

Capture and stream events to your fans

Promote team spirit by engaging parents, alumni and staff.

Supercharge training with post game & coach's review tools

Stream to the StriveCast App, YouTube, Facebook Live or any other service

Broadcast all your events live

An entire production truck in a backpack

"Strive displayed the utmost level of professionalism throughout the planning, set-up and launch of our online game broadcast. They worked collaboratively to build a professional production that perfectly captured the hard work and dedication of all our U.S. National Teams."

Garret Shea, Sr. Director of Sponsorship & National Teams

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